Risk-Free Seminar Marketing with Guaranteed ROI

Industry's Most Advanced AI Marketing Platform

Coordinate and target your accounts with precision.

  • Build a workflow for reps around accounts.
  • Measure activities and tactics against target accounts.
  • Access and leverage account-level data.

Guaranteed ROI

No matter how good they are, trusting a new partner can be hard. We get it, and that’s why we want to earn your trust. We guarantee that you will see a return on your investment, and if for some reason you don’t, we will put on another seminar for you free of charge to remedy the expense.

Lead Quality

Ask yourself: Are you reaching your Ideal Client?

Of course, we all love clients, even if they don’t necessarily fit every criterion we want in an ideal client. However, you don’t partner with a marketing expert to just get any old prospect. You work with a partner who can effectively target not only your ideal client but one that is already interested in your services. How do we do that? We have the best proprietary marketing platform in the business.

We leverage sophisticated artificial intelligence modeling and profiling techniques with analytics and machine learning to identify the best prospects for your business. The best part is, the more seminars you host, the better the leads get because our platform gets smarter every time!

Seminar Attendance

Seminars feeling a little roomy lately?

Disengaged attendees or people there just for the food taking up space in your seminar? Our proprietary platform ensures we fill your seminar seat with the prospects you desire most. You simply tell us about your ideal client and we search them out, and get them to your seminar, and take care of everything seminar related. You just show up and do what you do best!

Also, if more prospects attend than you initially designated, we DON’T charge you for the extras. For example, if you request a seminar with 20 households and 25 show up, you get 5 households for free.

Client Care

Ever feel like you aren’t being heard or taken care of until something small became really big? Yeah, we don’t like that either.

At DATADYNE MARKETING®, we take a position of conscientious oversight and proactivity. Our client concierge service is dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with a select group of advisors. We value quality over quantity and limit the number of advisors we work with to prevent regional competition between advisors.

We are also laser-focused on platform integrity. We are diligent not only in routine upkeep but we are always searching out and testing the latest and greatest tech to stay ahead of the game. We know that your success relies on a platform that is always up, user intuitive, and provides the reporting you need to be effective. Our team of engineers are experts in their field with the perfect combination of training, education, and experience.


Let’s talk the dollars and cents of seminars. In this industry, costs are rising for many companies

The cost of employing people goes up, but the cost of technology should go down over time if done right. Companies who don’t use technology have to hike up prices to pay for all of the manual work they are doing. We just don’t think that makes sense.

At DATADYNE MARKETING®, we put a lot of energy into increasing efficiency and passing our savings onto clients. Since our platform gets smarter with every seminar, our job gets easier the more you order, which allows us to offer increasing value for what you pay. We believe the perfect model is achieved with a blend of high-performing people and the innovative technology.